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Allergy Season and Carpet Cleaning

As spring arrives, so does the resurgence of seasonal allergies. With nature’s reawakening, allergens can disrupt your peace and well-being. At Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaners, we understand the discomfort that allergies bring, and we go beyond merely providing a clean home; we create a sanctuary free from allergens. Your home deserves the healthiest environment, where […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning in Mornington Peninsula

G’day, mates! If there’s one thing we Aussies cherish, it’s our homes. From Bittern to Mount Eliza, every homeowner wants to ensure their abode feels and looks pristine. An essential part of that upkeep? Clean carpets! Let’s dive deep into the world of carpet cleaning in the Mornington Peninsula and see what’s in store. Why […]

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Carpet Cleaning in Rosebud

4 Ways to Protect your Carpets from Mold

Mold in your carpet floors is a difficult problem to deal with, specially since it usually starts in the underlay, making it hard to detect until after it has caused too much damage. If you notice a musty smell every time you enter a room or a section with any kind of discoloration, it might […]

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tile and grout cleaning

Maintain your Tiles in 4 easy Ways

Tile flooring isn’t only stylish, but highly durable and stain-resistant; a desirable choice for a home or business with heavy daily foot traffic. Although designed to last, tiles can still stain, specially the grout which tends to trap dirt and grime because of its porous composition. These are a couple of ways to take care […]

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Remove Pet Urine Stains and Foul Odors from your Carpet

Whenever a pet has an accident on a carpeted floor, the sooner you’re able to take action and clean the urine, the less time it’ll have to seep into the carpet and leave a difficult stain with a foul odor. However, many times there are old dry stains and spots that are a bit more […]

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