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tile and grout cleaning

Tile flooring isn’t only stylish, but highly durable and stain-resistant; a desirable choice for a home or business with heavy daily foot traffic. Although designed to last, tiles can still stain, specially the grout which tends to trap dirt and grime because of its porous composition. These are a couple of ways to take care of your tile floors;

Regularly Clean Tiles: The most basic way to take car of your tiles. Vacuum, dust and mop away the daily dirt and grime, before it has a chance to be set into your tile and grout. After wet mopping, thoroughly dry your floor to prevent dust to dry atop the tile and prevent accidents.

Be Attentive of the Grout: When not properly sealed, grout can easily stain. It absorbs and traps all kinds of substances and dirt particles, that not only make it look filthy, but it can cause serious health problems due to bacteria and germs within its porous composition. Regular cleaning will maintain the grout contaminant-free and you can buy stain-resistant grouts in stores as a preventive measure.

Use Doormats: Another simple way to prevent dirt and grime stains is by placing a doormat by your home’s entrance, this will minimize the incoming filthy substances from the outside that hitch rides on people’s shoes. You can also add one inside the bathroom floor to keep you floors dry.

Tile Deep Cleaning: Professional tile and grout cleaning can lengthen your floor’s lifespan and maintain your home looking clean and fresh. Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaners staff is made up of well-trained, certified professional tile and grout cleaners, with significant knowledge and experience in the best, most-suitable methods to clean your floors using the best specialized cleaning solutions and tech equipment available.

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