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Carpet Cleaning in Rosebud

Mold in your carpet floors is a difficult problem to deal with, specially since it usually starts in the underlay, making it hard to detect until after it has caused too much damage. If you notice a musty smell every time you enter a room or a section with any kind of discoloration, it might signify the presence of mold and you should conduct a deeper examination of your carpet. It is vital to take immediate action as soon as mold is detected on your carpet floors. Here are some of the ways to stay ahead and prevent your carpet from
developing a mold problem;

Keep your home ventilated: Easily reduce moisture inside your home by periodically opening windows and doors. You can also use a dehumidifier to decrease humidity indoors. The ideal humidity level, for a mold-free carpet, is 65% or lower.

Clean stains and spills directly: The faster you address, clean and dry any leaks or spills, the better. Mold takes a day or two to develop and grow on wet carpet.

Habitually Vacuum: Choose one day that you will systematically vacuum your carpeted floors. The constant suction will remove bacteria and prevent the growth of mold.

Hire Professionals: Wether is a small spot or significant patch, Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaners is here to help with your mold problem. Our team is composed of certified professional carpet cleaners, who have experience in the removal and eradication of mold from carpet. We also use high- temperature steam, as studies have shown that it kills off germs, bacteria and mold.

Hire our team to take care of any mold lurking within your carpets and give yourself peace of mind.

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