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Its common for people with carpeted floors to regularly clean and vacuum them, many hiring specialist to clean them in-depth. However, many forget that for the same reasons carpet should be clean, so should your furniture. Upholstery tends to have the same issues as carpet, and similar maintenance advantages;

Aesthetically Pleasing: When grime and stains, due to sweat or spills, build up on any piece of furniture, it can look quite unpleasant for guests to sit on. Filth also causes faster, more prominent wear and tear, requiring the piece to be replaced. Avoid costly resolutions and upkeep your furniture instead, for a fresh new-like semblance.

Air Quality: Upholstery can hold onto many allergens, such as pet hairs and dander, dirt and dust. This can irritate anyone sensitive allergies into a sneezing or coughing fits. Pets, sweat and accidental spills also cause, overtime, your upholstery to have an unpleasant smell. A good thorough cleaning will get rid of the allergen particles and leave your furniture with a clean, fresh aroma.

Health Benefits: People often forget that their upholstery can hold not only dirt, dust, and pet dandruff, but it can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can exacerbate respiratory problems. By deep-cleaning your upholstery yearly, you are investing in your health, your family’s and any loved ones that visit form time-to-time.

Nontoxic Cleaning Solutions: Many people worry and put off cleaning their furniture, because of the possibility of their family or pets coming into contact with harmful toxic cleaning chemicals. One of the main reasons to use professional cleaners is because they use safe toxic- free solutions along with specialized equipment that can rinse and clean deeper than most common methods.

Additional ways to maintain your upholstery in-between professional cleaning services, range from regularly vacuuming furniture and turning over the cushions, to taking care of any spills and stains as the moment they happen, and keeping sofas and chairs out of the direct sunlight to diminish color fading. Check your air filters and ventilation, make sure they don’t have dust or grime build up that could spread through your home.

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